Friday, March 28, 2014

California High Sierra Multidays - Video!

In this episode the crew takes a trip to sunny California for a dream kayakng trip in the Sierra Nevadas. They encounter insane whitewater in Fantasy Falls and the Upper Cherry Creek and they freakin' OWN it. It might look like fun and games but there are some very heavy situations here, like the one at 1:56. Hold on to your paddles! These Kayakers Need Burly Eskimo Rolls to Survive Huge Rapids | Every River, Everywhere, Ep. 4

Monday, November 4, 2013

DREAM SHARING - Cali - Stikine - More+

Camping next to the river under a bright, clear night sky, just hours away from sunrise. You can’t help but feel excitement bursting inside you contemplating the warmth and magic sunrise will bring.
To share those moments where your dreams are fulfilled with your closest buddies is priceless - DREAM SHARNG

"It is not the failure of one's faculties - mental and physical - that makes old age hard to bear, but the burden of dreams unfulfilled."  -- Somerset Maugham

-Stikine laps
-Californian Multi Day-season
- Toxaway and Rock Creek

Thanks to everyone who shared my dreams in 2013!
Adrian Kiernan

Saturday, September 28, 2013

10th Anniversary - Lea Extreme Race - Tasmania

Here just in time to fire you up for 2013!

Held annually in the highland region of northern Tasmania, Australia. The Lea river extreme race, now in its 10th year, is one of the premier creek races anywhere. It offers endless ledge drops and high class whitewater, however its friendly nature makes it a highly popular and well attended event.

Entries are now open for the Kayak4Play Lea Xstream race set for October 19 and 20.

Filmed and Edited by
Adrian Kiernan
White Box

Sizzla - Rise to the occasion
Noosa - Walk On By (Sound Remedy Remix)
Grey Ghost X The Black Keys X Melodics

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Spring Waterfall Hunt I Every River, Everywhere Ep. 2

In this episode the crew rally their kayaks from the paradise of Revelstoke in British Columbia, down South where it's Spring time in the Columbia River Gorge - but not before whitewater kayaking on some of the finest creeks in all of BC, eh?

Kayak video filmed on location:
Leap of Faith - Elk River, BC
Money Drop - Rock Creek, Washington
St Leon Creek, BC
Jordan River, BC

Produced By White Box Magazine
Filmed and Edited By: Adrian Kiernan

Additional Footage
-Galen Valkelhousen
-Wyatt Riegel

Spring Waterfall Hunt | Every River, Everywhere, Ep. 2

Friday, August 2, 2013

Upper North-Fork San Joaquin Kayak Expedition - California

The Upper North-Fork of the San Joaquin flows through the Ansel Adams Wilderness area in the Californian High Sierra just south of Yosemite National Park. 

A tributary of the famed Devils Postpile section, this section of river sports some absolutely stunning scenery and classic, quality whitewater. Our team concluded that his seemingly rarely run section, was one of the best overnight paddling trips of the Sierra season. A massively underrated section which, though you have to work hard for it, will greatly reward you for your efforts!

The team hiked 11miles to the put in, paddled 6 miles on the river, and hiked a further 3 miles to the take out over the course of 3 days.

Trip of a lifetime with the best crew possible.

Tyler Fox, Riley Best, Adrian Kiernan, Josh Neilson, Jamie Garrod and Dave Farkas - Legends!

Filmed and edited by Adrian Kiernan

Additional footage from Josh Neilson - Southern Underground Productions

Upper North-Fork San Joaquin Expedition - Every River, Everywhere Ep. 1

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Whitewater Grand Prix EXPERIENCE - Chile

White Box Magazine brings you the Whitewater Grand Prix (WWGP), kayaking's premier event, through the eyes of athletes on tour at this years extreme race series held in Chile & Patagonia
The Whitewater Grand Prix brings together 30 of the worlds best whitewater kayakers to compete in 5, class V events over 14 days on the spectacular whitewater of Chile.

"The WWGP Experience" Filmed and Edited by:
Adrian Kiernan

Additional Footage:
Eric Deguil
Todd Wells

Filmed on:
Canon 550D and ISAW A2 Action Camera

Example - Changed the way you kissed me
Mr Little Jeans - The Suberbs
Imagine Dragons - Radioactive
Anticole 31 - Gente che spera
Blackmill - Reach for glory
SBTRKT - Wildfire
Blackmill - Fortune Soul
Pretty Lights - Cold Feeling
Wilderness Crew - The Push
Alt J - Breezeblocks

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Kayaking the Grand Canyon of the STIKINE

This summer i was lucky enough to join forces with an awesome crew of guys for a run down the river of my dreams, the Stikine in far northern British Columbia during low flows. The river has stolen my imagination for years, let it steal yours..... a magical place.
Much thanks to Jules Domine and Blair Trotman for their footage.