Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Viva Mexico

Hey Guys,

So I have just returned from a month in Mexico, it was an amazing trip and I cant wait to get back next season for some un-finished business down there.
All of these shots are from the Alseca River apart from one. Veracruz state is quickly becoming a mecca for young fired up kayakers that want to try there luck on drops ranging from 30 t0 100 feet (and bigger if you want it). I barley scratched the surface of what is possible in the area.

Check out the video, we had a sick crew of rippers this season from Norway, France, Spain, Peru, Mexico, the US and of course Australia.

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Mighty Homathko - Trip Report

This summer an international crew of class 5 kayakers made the amazing journey through the depths of the mighty Homathko's canyons during high flows.
Successfully completing the source to sea expedition in 4 days running some epic whitewater puzzles along the way.

Many thanks to all those who took part in this amazing journey.

Film By
Adrian Kiernan

whiteboxmag.com - ENJOY!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Adrian Kiernan Reviews IR's Double D Drysuit

Hello to all those people reading this post. In the next few paragraphs i will attampt to give some un-biased advice regarding IR's Double D drysuit. I wont go over the features as there is plenty of IR advertising that can tell you all you need.

I have been lucky enough to have used this drysuit for almost 5 years. I work rafting and kayaking in it on a day to day basis and do around 2 guiding seasons every year. This includes expedition work on the franklin river in Tasmania AUS (10day expd) and spend the other half of the year in British Columbia. For anybody who has worked or paddled in BC you will no that it is extremely hard on gear - climbing on your knees in soft moss or bush bashing through hectic undergrowth and devils club - Commonly called BC "Hell fuck"

So to give you an idea - my drysuits go through hell.

For me the purchase of a drysuit is something that needs to be carefully researched as those kinds of funds $$ don't just grow on trees. I want it to be comfortable - dry - and most importantly, good value for money. Many of my friends use gore-tex suits and they have also been impressed with that product also. If you have any experience with gore-tex outside drysuits you will know that it is usually the superior product - many companies coming up with their own versions to try and emulate it.

However i strongly believe that for drysuits this is not always the wise decision. For drysuits you really want a fabric that is a good balance between durable and dry and cost effective.
This is the best suit on the market for your money!

Dropping into my favorite Creek in BC - Tatlow

For those of you who are new to drysuits the No 1 thing you need to think about is the socks of the suit. This is where most people complain of leaks. Leaks in areas like the neck and wrists have nothing to do with the drysuit. There is only something like 2 manufacturers of gasketts and pretty much every company uses the same stuff. The socks however in your drysuit take a BEATING! Imagine walking on your nice new raincoat every day of the week, in mud or gravel.
They are simply not made for it. You MUST wear good footwear over your drysuit to protect it and also socks on the inside a very good idea.

Immersion research has recognised this and rather than putting in some expensive fabric than will sooner or later leak. they have simply coated the inside of the drysuit booties with a layer of seal. Making the fabric stronger and more durable.

IR's Drysuit is a fair bit cheaper than Gore-tex drysuits and made with a fabric that is very comparable. On a cost only basis - the obvious choice is still IR. What is the point of buying a drysuit made of gore-tex when it maybe only lasts the same time yet costs so much more!?

The other thing i am really impressed by is the cut of the drysuits. they sit really well especially for kayaking giving you plenty of room around the shoulders so as not to restrict movement. The zip across the back is really easy feels much better to paddle with than over the shoulder- it just takes a little practice.

when buying your drysuit you should really get it a bit bigger than you think you need it. you want to make sure you can fit plenty of layers underneath when its cold.
Also for paddlers when you sit in a kayak and do up the back band you will find that after wriggling in your seat for a bit that some of your suit will bunch up below the back band. When lifting your arms directly to the sky you will feel some pull accross your back. This is less than ideal. It happens with every drysuit, so make sure when your shopping you dont just go for the one that makes your bum look small.

Regardless of which suit you end up picking. Buy a drysuit and not a drytop - pants combo. There is NO comparison. If you are in slightly warmer climates and worried about what to do on a hot day. Simply suit up in your fav pair of shorts and singlet / wife beater and off you go!

Once you buy a drysuit you will never go back!!!

This year in BC i ripped my drysuit BAD from my pee zip between my legs to my A-hole bashing through some sharp tree branches. Beyond repairable, I wrote to IR hoping to get a buy a new suit asap. To my utter disbeleif, the drysuit turned up in less than a week thanks to the LOVELY people at IR. You saved my summer and i thank you!!

Adrian Kiernan