Sunday, August 16, 2009

Photo Update from BC 2009

So this summer I headed back to the magical place that is British Columbia, Canada. I have spent a couple of summers out here now and am completely sold. My best friends live here, and some of the worlds premier creek runs and big waves can be found all summer long. In the Early season I hit the road in search of new big waves and found plenty, later on in the season I hit some high water creek runs and big drops and finished my tour up with a couple of weeks on the magical Skookumchuck tidal rapid at peak flows and got to take the new Element on the rare Tubestake wave that forms at 17knots. I will let a few photos do the talking. A massive thanks to everyone that made my trip. Mr Max Davidson, Dly, Luke, Kali, Emily Bakker, Becky Bristow, Em Lussin, Micah and Dru Lyall, Adrain Keirnan, Dan Dunn and everyone else that helped me out along the way. Cheers!

Next stop is the Ottawa Valley just before worlds in Switzerland, Then I will be working in Nepal for three months. See you on the River....

Lachie Carracher

Photos: Emily Bakker, Sam Tregenza, Jack Dawkins, Max Davidson and Myself