Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fluid Detox

The long awaited Fluid Detox is about to hit our rivers. The Medium size is shipping now and the Small and Large will go into production soon.For paddlers who want a creekboat with a playboat hull; for paddlers who want to run rivers and play on the way down; for paddlers who want an easy boat to learn in - there has never been a better suited kayak than the Detox.
The Detox hull incorporates a variation of the Nemesis rail system with super forgiving sidewalls and generous kick rocker to create an exciting but stable ride.
The Detox has ample volume and peaked deck to ensure controllable resurfacing when running drops. The deck profile and hull width make the Detox super easy to roll, inspiring confidence on difficult runs.
The Detox fills the gap between the Spice and the Solo in Fluids line-up. If the Spice is too playful for the type of rivers you want to run, and the Solo is too much of a full on creeker to enjoy on the easier runs then the Detox is THE boat for you.

M Detox
Length: 230cm /7'6"
Width : 64cm / 25.25"
Volume: 250 l / 66gal
Weight: 19kg / 42lb
Paddler weight: 60-95kg / 130-21lb